Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sticking to the Classics

I have decided to participate in the I love to read challenge by The Scientific Seamstress.  We are to pick our favorite book and make ourselves something out of her patterns to represent the book.

The Scientific Seamstress

I don't have a favorite book, however I do have a favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe. When I told my mother about the challenge, I didn't even have to tell her what book or author. I discovered his writing in school. He was required reading and I was thankful for it. The first story I read of his was The Fall of the House of Usher. I found it horrifying and morbid. I loved it! Ha ha. Intrigued, I  rummaged through all of my mother's books and found a Complete Stores edition in her classic book collection. Needless to say, I read the book many times and staked my claims to the book when she was ready to get rid of it. I still have the copy today. 

I decided to make the SisBoom Rosetta Ruffled Handbag. I thought with the fabric I was going to use, a handbag would be used more. I used Michael Miller's Nevermore Collage as I found this appropriate for The Raven is my favorite poem.

The Rosetta has 3 sizes to the pattern. I made the medium with six pockets on the inside. (I love pockets)

Inside of bag.

I couldn't just stop at one, so I made a mini-size for a doll. The pattern does not include this size and I have a deeper respect for Carla Hegeman Crim, the pattern designer!

Hannah sporting her new handbag!
I enjoyed this challenge as it combined my love of reading and of sewing!

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