Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How did my mother do it?

I can not stand having a cold. My nose gets stuffy, and I just want to rip it off! I have no energy and two small children. I have been avoiding my housework for about two days now. Every time I walk by a pile of clothes, dishes in the sink or an unmade bed, I tell myself I will get to it later. Now, I am just overwhelmed because of my procrastination!
Growing up there were three of us kids. I do not remember too much from when I was little, however I know the house was always clean and neat. We, kids, were given chores when we were old enough, but I would like to know how my mother did it when we were very young. My sister was four when I was born and my brother two. I always seem to need help with my kids when I travel, have doctors appointments or anything in between.
I know I would get annoyed when some lady brought her kid on a plane or bus and the kid was crying or screaming. I would judge and say ugly things to myself about them being a bad parent. I not only feel bad about how I felt, but have been put in similar situations with my kids. Lets just say I have been humbled! When my little guys start crying or fussing, I instantly go into a panic attack! I anxiously try to calm them and get them quiet, so we do not disturb others around us. My sister says I need to get over it and that people are more understanding. It would be nice to know that I was the only judgemental person out there, but somehow I do not think that is the case. I have, by the grace of God, learned my lesson not to judge.
I know my mother traveled over seas by herself with three small kids. I again am baffled on how she accomplished this without panicking or losing her mind completely. Not to mention what she must have looked like after a 12 or 13 hour flight. I went to a 4Th of July barbecue, happy because I was having a great hair day (which is rare when you have small kids). After just a few hours of holding my infant son, I looked in a mirror and was horrified by my reflection. I looked like I had just lost a wrestling match; hair everywhere, make-up smudged. I can relate to mothers who pull their hair back in a pony tail all the time, or just cut it off.
It would have been nice if my mother would have passed down her tricks to the trade, or wrote some sort of guideline, even, a "Juggling Your Kids and Life for Dummies" book would have worked. I am sure she left me clues growing up, but I missed them. I do wish I had paid more attention!


  1. Susan you have made me laugh outloud with wrestling match hair! Good post!

  2. The secret to being that kind of mother is organization and planning; not to mention, you just have to stop being so hard on yourself. I'm sure no one thought you had wrestling match hair. Okay, maybe your brother might have said something. Anyway, you're a wonderful mom!