Saturday, July 18, 2009


I think A.D.D. has a way of creeping out in everyone. It tends to come out when I am cleaning my house. I'll be working in one room and find a cup that goes in the kitchen. I head to the kitchen, pick up trash on floor and head toward trash can. Then I throw away trash; pick up more stuff, next thing I know I am walking around the house with a cup, a toothbrush, one slipper, a couple of toys and a full trash bag. By the time everything is put away, every room in the house is half clean and it looks like I have done nothing all day. On good days, I remind myself to return to the first room I started in. Of course, I also sound like Rain Man “Go back to the kitchen, go back to the kitchen, gotta go back to the kitchen”. It is very exhausting. I think I may just hire someone to clean my house, and then my A.D.D. will be gone.

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